A Girl in the Hills with Stories to Tell

In a village called Anaikatti, where there live about two thousand people, there is a girl who is totally different from everyone else. She always wants to be unique in her own way.

She studies in a school called Vidya Vanam which is an IGCSE school. She lives really close to her school. Her father drops her to school every morning at 8:40 AM. She goes to her class, studies and chats a lot with her friends. She enjoys her life. When school is over, she goes home with her mother who is also a teacher at the school.

She has a younger brother who always fights with her but loves his sister so much.

She finishes her homework at 8 PM and then spends her time with her family. They all eat their dinner on a round table every day and share the stories of their day. Her father teaches her lots of general knowledge every day.

She entertains her family by singing and dancing. She always tries to keep herself so happy. She likes to eat chocolates and she loves huge teddy bears. She has a huge interest in make-up, clothing and fashion. She doesn’t eat a lot so she is not too fat. She is naughty with her friends and she loves to spend time in her school. Now, she plans to write a blog so that everyone can read her ideas.

I am the girl and this is my story.


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